Preparing for Academics

Visual Skills

To help your child develop visual skills you can:

Listening Skills

To help develop your child's listening skills you can:

Fine Motor Skills

To help develop fine motor skills at home your child can:

Math  Skills

To help develop math skills at home your child can work on:

Reading Skills

To help develop pre-reading skills at home you and your child can:

Handwriting Skills

To help your child at home develop handwriting skills you can:

Writing Skills

To help develop writing skills at home, your child can

Speech and Language Development

Sound Acquisition

   Generally, children should be able to speak in the following ways:



Hesitations in speech are normal from ages three to six.  Listen to your child encourage and praise him/her.  Do not correct him/her or appear anxious about their speech.  Do not make him/her speak or recite before strangers or visitors.  Let him/her do so if he wishes, but only then. Try to keep your own speech clear and unhurried.  If you are very concerned, check with the school's speech and language therapist to see how your child performed at the screening.