National Honor Society

Russia Chapter National Honor Society

The selection procedure for the National Honor Society is based on the four standards set by the national organization: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

These are the minimum standards required, but the Faculty Council of each chapter may increase these standards if they desire. Consideration for selection into the Russia Chapter National Honor Society is made after four semesters for students in grades eleven and twelve. The following are the procedures and standards set by the Russia Faculty Council for selection and membership:

  1. Students academic records will be reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility. Students must have a cumulative scholastic grade point average of at least 3.4 on a 4.0 scale.
  2. Students who are eligible scholastically will be notified and told, that for further consideration for selection to Russia's N.H.S. chapter, they must complete the Student Activity Information Form, essays dealing with how each candidate demonstrates characteristics of leadership, character, and service, and submit a letter of recommendation.
  3. The faculty will be invited to make comments on candidates. However, the actual selection must be made by the five appointed members of the Faculty Council.
  4. The Student Activity Information Form, essays, and letter of recommendation will be reviewed by the faculty council in addition to the candidates- leadership, character, and service
                1. Leadership: Demonstrate leadership ability in a variety of settings, not just holding an elected office. Candidates must belong to two or more school organizations
                  • Character: Demonstrates integrity, positive behavior, cooperation, and ethics.
                  • Service: Must have been involved in at least two service areas either in school or in their community or churches.

5. Students must maintain the high standards of the organization or face probation and dismissal.

The Faculty Council consists of the advisor, the principal, and hive high school teachers appointed by the principal.

Parents and students must understand that no student has a right to be selected for membership in a chapter of the National Honor Society. Membership is a privilege which must be earned. The Faculty Council is entrusted with making selection decisions. Reconsideration of a Faculty Council's decision is therefore a rare occurrence. Students who question their non-selection do not have a legal right to a hearing, but they and their parents will be given an opportunity to present their complaints to the chapter advisor or principal. The advisor or principal may reconvene the Faculty Council if this is warranted by a procedural error (a name inadvertently left off a list, mistake in averaging, etc.)

Anyone who has questions about these procedures should contact the school.