Before School Tips

Prepare Your Child for School, Encourage Your Child To

  • Look forward to school as a pleasant future experience by discussing school and answering any questions or fears that arise

  • Learn his/her first and last name and parents' names

  • Learn his/her phone number and address

  • Learn the shortest and safest way to go to and from school and explain transportation arrangements

  • Recognize his/her own clothing and personal property--(write your child's name on all of your child's personal belongings)

  • Be independent enough to feel secure at school

  • Be self-reliant and be able to zip, button, snap, tie shoes, dress, use the restroom independently and groom themselves

  • Listen attentively and follow directions

Teach Your Child "Helpful Habits"

  • Putting things away

  • Sticking to a schedule

  • Getting along with others

  • Dressing him/herself

  • Manners

  • Doing simple chores

  • Playing fair/taking turns

  • Being safe

  • Sharing

  • Listening to directions

Parent Responsibilities

  • Make arrangements for someone to be present when your child loads/unloads from the bus

  • Make all necessary transportation arrangements

  • Obtain required immunizations

  • Arrange for any needed health exams

  • Arrange for necessary baby-sitting services

  • Make a plan for what your child will do on days when school is canceled, closed, delayed, or dismissed early

  • Provide school clothing that is easily fastened and in which he/she may play freely without fear of getting dirty

  • Put your child's name on all belongings including sweatshirts, hats, boots, mittens, coats, and book bags

  • Let your child know school is important by making sure your child attends school regularly and arrives promptly

  • Call the school when your child will be absent

  • Call, write, or visit the school whenever you have a concern

  • Fill out all required forms and paperwork