First Day of School

Child's Anxiety

  If your child is acutely anxious, do not scold or ridicule his/her distress, and do not try to bribe him/her into behaving.  Just remain cheerful and reiterate that you will see him/her at the end of the school day.  Remind him/her that he/she will be learning exciting new things.  Make your goodbye cheerful and brief.

Parent Anxiety

  Please do not communicate your anxiety to your child.  Do not let your child see that you are overly concerned about him/her going to kindergarten.  Please do not let your child see you cry.  It is in your child's best interest.  On the first day of school, you may bring your child into the classroom.  On the second day of school, you may walk you child to the classroom door.  From then on, please do not bring your child to his/her classroom.

Parents of bus students-- we realize it may be difficult, but it is best that your child ride the bus on the first day of school.